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Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso - Medley All Opening - cover - LeeandLie    twitter 

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[Nikaru Nara (OP1)]
A rainbow is never formed by chance
The blossoming colors always dance in a whirlwind of a thousand hues

Under that brilliant crimson sky, I was falling so hard
And I knew that my world was you

It’s not a moment you can capture on film
But even so I’ll never let it disappear
You are a song and every last note is carved into my heart

[Nanairo Symphony (OP 2)]
This is our rainbow-colored symphony
Every day, a symphony
A beautiful sound I’ve never known
A melody no one can play alone
Crying, laughing from hello
All of our emotions form this symphony

I breathe a sigh and watch the sky as it collects this little hopeless puff of air
There are a thousand cherry blossom petals twirling to a silent song up there
I spin around and around and around and around and then spin right around
I’m waiting patiently for spring but I don’t know if I can bear it without you around

Don’t you know you have a little magic in you?
It wipes away the monochrome hue
And fills this world with color when you laugh beside me

Hey, let’s go and make the most of today
Our time is precious, they say, and I wanna spend it all with you

[Nikaru Nara (OP1)]
You were the one, you were always the one - You were the light in my life
When you’re with me, we can take on the night, shining like stars in the sky

Don’t hide away - Never hold back your tears, trying so hard to be strong
Only for you I’d gather the stars, ‘cause with you is where they belong

[Orange (ED 2)]
After the storm has passed, I looked up to sky
That brilliant blue, a bittersweet goodbye
I remember how we laughed – It always makes me smile

[Hikaru Nara (OP1)]
In a single beat, both our paths began to meet
So I’ll take a vow, here and now, as we’re shining bright

[Orange (ED2)]
Among a million stars, a single love is born
A burning light, to last the test of time
When the winter turns to spring and today, into the next
It’s a symphony of each and every dream

We were walking side by side, just a single step away
I wish I could recall what had made us laugh at all
How I miss the magic of those ordinary days

Even now, it’s still all so clear and your voice is the music I hear
You are still the orange of the sunset in my dreams

[Kirameki (ED1))
I just really wish that you were here,
‘Cause inside my dreams it’s not enough
To hear your voice once more, that’s all I’m asking for
We’ll pick up our duet, ‘cause it can’t be finished yet …
I just really wish that you were here to compose another memory
I promise when I find I’m missing you, I’ll play … Our symphony

Medley All Opening - cover - LeeandLie - Medley All Opening - cover - LeeandLie

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Titre Original : Medley All Opening - cover - LeeandLie
Anime : Shigatsu Wa Kimi No Uso
Artiste : LeeandLie

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