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To begin with, I warmly thank Kawette, Isabelle (x2), Laurence, Marie-Laure, Michel, Jacques, Jean-Marc, Aymerik (x3), Carine, Karine, Guillaume, Jean Sbastien, Pascal, Carine (x3), Vincent (acceding to the rank of official shareholder! :D), Jol-Alexis, Stphane, Jean-David, Frdric, Jean-Ann, Eric, Patrick, Jrme, Nans, David, Sbastien, Damien, Jean-Chrystophe, Galle (x2), Bndicte, Pierre-Emmanuel, Patrick, christophe, Matthieu, Isil, Manon, Teddy, Bibi, Pierre, @lexandre, Laurent, Jos (x2), Cyrille, Jonathan, Catherine, Gauthier, Agnes, Jean-Marc, Alain, Michel, Thomas, Sbastien, Simon, Hlne, Jean Louis, Jrme, Jonathan, Thibaud, Eric, Laurent, Ralph, Guillaume, Thierry, Jean, John, Olivier, Laurent, Corinne, Jean-Luc, Julien, Ashor Livs, Frdric, Isabelle, Jonathan, Jonathan, Samuel, David, Laurent, Salim, Vincent, Eric, Hubert, Michael, bruno, Shiraz, Kvin, Norbert, Yann, Fred, Thomas, Sylvain, Ccile, Gary, Martial, Karl, Jean-Franois, Jorg, Cyrille, Jean-Franois, Abdallah uneInvitation.com, Stphane, Jonathan, Pascal, Maxence, Grgory, Erick for their invaluable taking part.


To create a paypal account, a simple e-mail address is needed. But to do money transactions (purchases or donations), you have to capture your bank account information via your credit card

To begin with, go to this address, and choose "personal account". Fill in the form and validate after having captured the visual code by respecting the capital letters.
You then arrive to the famous bank information. If you cancel at this moment, your account will however be created, but you will not be able to make transactions.
If you create an account to make a donation, for example, then capture the required information and validate. Of course all the information transfers are secured.
Afterwards, when you will wish to make a purchase action on a website proposing this option, or if you'll wish to make a donation to coucoucircus.org, you will just have to capture the amount (from 1 , but please note that Paypal always take a commission on the person that receives the donation), your e-mail address and your password, and go!


Lots of people told me that they were not old enough to have a bank account for a contribution. Please note that I already received cheques and even cash. But I fully understand that one could wonder about my honesty. I would answer that everyone is free to do and think what he wants. It's a matter of confidence. I never created this website to make money otherwise I would have compelled everyone to pay a subscription to access the resources. My wealth is my database and my salary is my guest book :-)

Aside that, there are all the people that are taking part by giving to coucoucircus.org their own sources. Old tape records, vinyl records, brainwaves on the net, in short, all that the website can use and that can complete the collection. I consider this investment as a real contribution, so do not hesitate. Now, regarding the various areas, it is out of a question to put all the titles of an original soundtrack. It's needed to let the net surfer the desire to go and buy the album for him to enjoy it all (it's especially the case for the OST area). Moreover all the information missing in some of the pages will have to be completed in the end, in order to propose other ways of titles classification (by Year, by performer...). I also consider as an active contribution, every mail that allows us to improve the quality of the contents.

This way, coucoucircus.org becomes the website of a community made of enthusiasts and each motivated member can add his contribution to the building.

Thanks to all of you.


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