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Current animation : Wallpapers with a short time of the coucoucircus's song by Bernard Minet.

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The intro of the site that has been so successful that it took the switch automatically for months ... The images are signed Hayao Miyazaki: In 1995, On Your Mark, a music video to substantial budget, is performed to the song of the famous Chage and Aska. I have removed the most violent images to reduce the duration of the animation to the music I liked a lot and seemed perfectly stick to the mood of the animation: Byakkoya no musume, the main theme of the film Paprika composed by Susumu Hirasawa in 2006.

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  intro de 2007 à 2011

Introduction of Christmas and New Year 2006.

Born of the short film "The Madagascar Penguins in a Christmas Caper", absolutely relative to the animation movie "Madagascar" made by DreamWorks studios, the music in an arrangement of "Jingle Bells" performed by The Brian Setzer Orchestra

Regarding the pictures, they are born of a live show given in Tokyo by The Seatbelts. The Seatbelts, do I need to remind you, is a Japanese blues/jazz band directed by the composer and instrumentalist Yoko Kanno. This band made the whole soundtrack of the animation series Cowboy Bebop and produced in the whole 7 albums and 1 live video. Their style is much diversified and goes from a Jazz Orchestra to rock 'n roll ballads.

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  noel 2006, nouvel an 2007

The website second introduction for the year 2006.

On a mix generously and wonderfully composed by the famous DJ Crazy Pitcher (at the moment played on radio waves), this time, I tested the video. It gives in the end a really heavy animation, but what a pleasure to see back again some extracts among the famous classical ones: 21 jump street, Les mystrieuses cits d'or, Ulysse 31, Olive et Tom, Jayce et les conqurants de la lumire, Capitaine Flam, Goldorak, Candy, Rmi sans famille, Arnold et Willy, Alf, Ricky ou la belle vie, Starsky et Hutch, Hawaii police d'tat, Capitaine Caverne, Mission impossible, La croisire s'amuse, Magnum.

Only good stuff, in fact ;)

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  intro 2006 B

The first introduction of the website for the year 2006.

On an introduction music born of the original soundtrack of the Mondes Engloutis, a small text adapted from this cartoon.
Then a compilation of openings taken from the cartoon area.
On the programme: Ulysse 31, Dragonball, Ken le Survivant, Galaxy Express 999, Les Chevaliers du Zodiaque, Equipires de Choc, Dare Dare Motus, Bouba, Tom Sawyer, Clmentine, Inspecteur Gadget, Le Monde Enchant de Lalabelle, Flo et les Robinson Suisses, Max et Compagnie.
Regarding the pictures, I called on a new functionality of Flash that permits to use different ways of merging the pictures (darken, lighten, product, harsh light, difference...).

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  Intro 2006

Animation realised for Christmas 2005.

At this time, I was working on Coco shaker's official website. I took advantage of this to create a small animation only for Christmas. It was really the only moment for our two fellows to make a truce in their battle for the ownership of the palm tree...
Animation realised picture by picture, and a new snow script.

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  Noël 2005

The website introduction for the year 2005.

A very 70's environment, a compilation made of some selected passages taken out from the cartoons and TV series areas, with the adapted display of the TV.
On the programme, Aglae et Sidonie, Albator, Capitaine Flam, Goldorak, Inspecteur Gadget, Lucille Amour et Rock'n Roll, Le Mange Enchant, Bonne Nuit les Petits, Zorra la Rousse.

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  Intro 2005

Animation for the New Years wishes for the year 2005.

The music is born of the animation "Chobits" (Morning Morning).

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  Nouvel an 2005

Animation realised for Christmas 2004.

8 pictures and 8 linked pieces of music chosen randomly and taken out from the OST area when the animation starts.
Having lost the sources, I'm not able to link correctly the sound files. The animation is then mute... :(

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  Noël 2004

Introduction of the year 2004.

A first piece of music taken out from the animation "Vision d'Escaflowne" then another one very nice from "Last Exile" (Cover Stories) and some wallpapers of fashionable animation movies.

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  Intro 2004

A second animation movie the New Year 2004.

A Naruto music.

Still the same snow script and a small gif liven up with Sylvain, little character of the forest born of the wonderfull animation movie realised by Hayao Myazaki, Princesse Mononok.
As the sources are lost, I cannot update the sound file. But just imagine the picture with this music: "Naruto's Day"...

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  nouvel an 2004 deuxième

Animation movie realised for New Year 2004.

A little piece of music and some coding to liven up the text and the bulbs.

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  Nouvel an 2004

Question subsidiaire... ;)
  Dans la srie "Raising Hope", Lucy Carlyle la tueuse en srie et mre de Hope lui avait donn un tout autre nom au dpart, lequel ?
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