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http://www.xgarreau.org, this is Zaz website, author, among others, of the ZazouMiniWebServer about which I already talked you about several times. If coucoucircus.org looks like it is today, this is thanks to him. If the database works properly, this is thanks to him. If you can define a play list, this is also thanks to him... What do you mean by "what am I here for"?!  

Next, resources Websites

Les Grands Z'Enfants is an association of toy collectors, all topics and periods combined (vintage video games, Japanese robots, lego, playmobil, star wars, various licenses ...). They also organize the toy fair of Razac-sur-l'Isle. "A la croise des jouets".  
Objectives of the Eighties Association :
- Preserving the 80s (memories, objects),
- Share our passion: Organize events (exhibitions or not, private or public meetings...)
- Promote the 80's : Development partnerships with other websites, participation in exhibitions related Eighties, production of leaflets, stickers, posters, press kits, t-shirts and other communication tools.
With OccazOtaku go free ads for all your manga, your models, your cosplay, video games or other products manga. You can view all ads free personal and professional.  
Gnration Souvenirs is a websitesite selling online objects of the 70, 80 and 90. The first e-commerce site on themes as diverse as television, music, toys, books, products, fashion and accessories, party items and even times of candy!  
www.lacinq-emotions.fr/ : New address for this website that references the cartoon, TV series and other programs of La Cinq french channel. Many informations are still incomplete, but for some, you can find the episodes on video  
A memory, it's well. An episode, it's better! That's the leitmotiv of video-past.fr-bb.com. You wanted movies of your old series? here where it's necessary to go ;)   videopast
Anime guide You will find here a great encyclopaedia of animation series, with more than 600 Guides of series containing each time the episodes' titles, pictures and plenty of information!  
Planète jeunesse is a website that I would describe as a reference. I found there plenty of information to complete the pages of the cartoon area, and you will find in this website all the information missing. Synopsis, episodes' lists, trivial details, comments, voices' list...  
Animeka.com is not complicated. You are looking for a cartoon, you go there, and they are all listed: Information, synopsis, picture, and net surfers' opinion. You then know right away if the selected cartoon is worth watching at. And if it really is, you know which company own the licence.   animeka.com
La page des génériques. You are looking for lyrics? Information about the openings? This is where you have to go. High inspiration to coucoucircus.org, I thank the Opening's page to have put its database at everyone's disposal.  
Musiques.uru.org. A very complete Website regarding cartoon's openings, giving links towards lyrics, towards videos, and some CD references to make your own real compilation!  
The Animez-vous association is represented by a very complete Website connected with japanimation. By default, you can access to the lyrics and to information related to lots of cartoons. Being a member of the association allows you to access to the Openings and pictures.  
GenTV.be permits you to discover french, belgian, european and world TV clips. To see or to download :)   www.gentv.be
Radio Générique Another source of cartoons' openings, of adverts' music, of TV series, and even of National Anthems, of military music, of nursery rhymes, and many others sympathetic things...  
Mange disque is a website that group together TV series and cartoons. You will find there lots of excellent quality jacket scans, some information concerning the CDs, and some of them are even on sale :)   mange-disque
Kokoro project is a website where you can find many informations about Japan. Photos, articles, tales, recipes... All what you want to know about Japan ;)   http://kokoro.no.blog.free.fr
The Flashback shop offers collection toys from sixties to today on the subject of TV series, cartoons, comic books and movies. We specialize in vintage toys in their original packaging..   www.flashback.fr
Tokyo Caf, is an open place for manga fan. Sit down in a comfortable sofa and choose one of the 4000 avaliable books. Drink is free. Open 7d/7 from 10 AM to 10 PM. Entry from 3. The address : 56, bd d'Arcole - Toulouse - France.   tokyocafe.fr
pururin.fr is a website where you can play blind-test with cartoons and sentai musics. Players enter their name, and points are manually assigned to those who have the right answers. test between friends ;)   www.pururin.fr
zenmangas.fr is an online store that offers manga figurine, DVD, poster and other goodies about the world of Japanese animes like Naruto, Bleach ... And on the relevant pages of anime, you even find a link to the coucoucircus's musics ;)   www.zenmangas.fr
Boomaker.net. A relatively well filled in website concerning Openings. Its interest: subjects are about cartoons, TV series, shows and even advertising :-)  
Annuseries.com. Everything is in the title: A TV series' encyclopaedia with plenty of information.  
Topkool. There is a little bit of everything, and especially information and pictures of the TV series that you can find on coucoucircus.org  
Anime Lyrics. You are looking for the lyrics of your preferate animations in Japanese or English: Animelyrics.com is the essential address. From .hack//SIGN to Zone of the Enders, almost all the transcriptions of the openings and endings. In addition, a J-Pop area, a Game Lyrics area, and a Dancemania Lyrics area. In short: a very complete website.  

Then some interesting websites...

Karad'oc is a karaoke box project, according to the Japanese concept, being created in Toulouse. Private rooms with large screen, touch pad as a remote control and room service will be at your disposal! Large selection of French, international and asian songs, and the best of Japanese and French cartoon songs. Find information on this project and its development on our blog.   Karad'oc
Discover IDF1, the new channel of free TNT produced by Jean-Luc Azoulay (ex AB Productions). Find the program schedule, the presenters, the forum, ads, the JJDA blog created by Jacky but also full of surprises for members of Club IDF1 (free registration): go to the interactive "IDF1 Close to you", watch the live streaming channel, win numerous prizes, get discounts from partners...   www.idf1.fr

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