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Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved - cover LeeandLie    twitter 

One day you will realize,
The stars you are chasing shine bright deep inside you,
But will you ever let it shine from within,
And cast all of your fears aside?
You'll see the light, but until that day comes

*My Dearly Beloved,
Be strong, I shall be there
Always here beside you
So, keep your head held high,
The shadows of this world
Will try to steal you away into their arms
But you belong in mine

We are one within a dream
So hold me close and count the stars with me
All our scattered memories,
I will find the pieces, one by one

Ocean waves drift over me
I’ll keep you in my memory
This dream that lives within your eyes,
I wish to see it come to life

A thousand blades unto the sky
Reach out and link our worlds, yours and mine
Let the tide rush over you
And one day I know we shall meet again,
My Dearly Beloved

Dearly Beloved - cover LeeandLie - Dearly Beloved - cover LeeandLie

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Titre Original : Dearly Beloved - cover LeeandLie
Jeu : Kingdom Hearts
Interprète : LeeandLie

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