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Cry to Me (Solomon Burke)    twitter 

When your baby leaves you all alone
And nobody calls you on the phone
Ah, don't you feel like a cry ?
Don't you feel like crying ?
Well here I am my honey
Oh, come on you cry to me

When you're all alone in your lonely room
And there's nothing but the smell of her perfume
Ah don't you feel like a cry ?
Don't you feel like crying ?
Ah don't you feel like a cry ?
Come on, come on cry to me

Oh, nothing could be sadder
Than a glass of wine, all alone
Loneliness, loneliness, it's such a waiste of time
Oh oh yes

You don't ever have to walk alone, oh you see
Oh come on, take my hand and baby won't you walk with me ?
Oh oh yeah

When you're waiting for a voice to come
In the night and there is no one
Ah don't you feel like a cry ? (Cry to me)
Don't you feel like crying ? (Cry to me)
Ah don't you feel like a cra-ca-cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra, (Cry
to me)
Cra-co-cra-co-cra-cra crying ? (Cry to me)...

 - Cry to Me

Variety - Infos
Date : 1965
Album : Dirty Dancing (1987) Soundtrack (2007)
Origin : Etats-Unis
Performer : Solomon Burke
Music composer : Bert Russell

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