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The Rhythm of the Night (Corona)    twitter 

This is the rhythm of the night (2)

You could put some joy upon my face
Oh sunshine in an empty place
Take me to turn to and babe I'll make you stay

Oh I can ease you of your pain
Feel you give me love again
Round and round we go, each time I hear you say

1-This is the rhythm of the night
The night, oh yeah
The rhythm of the night

This is the rhythm of my life
My life, oh yeah
The rhythm of my life

Won't you teach me how to love and learn
There'll be nothing left for me to yearn
Think of me and burn and let me hold your hand

I don't wanna face the world in tears
Please think again I'm on my knees
Sing that song to me
No reason to repent

I know you wanna say it
(rpt 1, 1...)

 - The Rhythm of the Night

Variety - Infos
Date : 1993
Album : The Rhythm of the Night
Origin : Italie
Performer : Corona
Music composer : Francesco Bontempi, Annerley Gordon, Giorgio Spagna, Peter Glenister, Mike Gaffey

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  L'air est le mme que celui chant par deux petits elfes, gambadant en fleurs-culottes dans la grande fort, et dans une srie charmante. Laquelle ?
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