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The universe it is so big,
I feel dizzy when I think about it,
My head swims I get giddy,
Still I realize that long ago,
It was so small I could have kept it,
Underneath my little skirt,
At least until the big bang happened,

Every man, every woman.

Sun planet the universe and me,
When I'm excited and have to wait,
My organs start to move, my lungs pump,
Cells flow faster on tracks inside me,
I demand to see myself from within,
Be a cell for a day.

Every man, every woman

Sun, planet, the universe and me
The universe and me... ooh...
The universe and me, am I a planet? woaah!
The universe and me... woah!
Co-o-ome, na-na-na-hee-ooh!

The planets and me we get along so well together
Gliding down imaginary rollercoaster-paths along the sky
I can do somersaults around Jupiter if I feel like it
Nothing can stop a planet
But a planet can stop anything at all

Every man, every woman

Sun planet the universe and me
The universe and me, the universe and me,
The universe and me, the universe and me.

 - Planet

Variety - Infos
Date : 1989
Performer : The Sugarcubes

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  J'tais flic... j'ai dmissionn aprs avoir tu accidentellement mon partenaire. Depuis, je suis animateur sur une radio nocturne. Je suis ?
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