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It's Only Mystery (Arthur Simms)    twitter 

How can I keep on smiling at there disguise?
When I know nothing good ever comes from lies
My heart is no beginner
but still I can lose my temper


How can we keep on watching that fucking TV?
We're so bored we don't even care what we see
Takes our strength away
And never, never show us the way, no
But I think I know the answers

It's only mystery and I like it
It's only mystery and I like it
It's only mystery and I like it
It's only mystery

We could dream of a grand evolution
Where we wouldn't ask anymore questions
There will be no, no more pretenders
Use the love that I offer
Dreaming is not the answer

It's only mystery
It's only mystery
It's only mystery

 - It's Only Mystery

Variety - Infos
Date : 1998
Movie : Subway
Performer : Arthur Simms

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Question subsidiaire... ;)
  Mme si c'est ennuyeux parfois, il faut bosser, bosser, bosser, bosser ! Ces petits tres chantent en bossant, bossant, bossant, bossant, oui ! Mais en anglais ! Dans quelle srie ?
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