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Ile Perdue (l') - Générique (Lost Islands (the) - Main title)    twitter 

There once was a wealthy man who had a wonderful idea
To bring children from all places with all kinds of faces
Together into a sailing ship
There were 40 boys and girls
They would sail the ship around the globe
So they called it The United World

The ship was just three weeks from shore
When a hurricane poured down
The waves were big as mountains
They felt they would surely drown
They jumped into the lifeboats
And rowed away from the wreck
They didn't count them, they hadn't time
Five children were left behind

The children fought the storm all night then finally fell asleep
They didn't realize the ship had blown across the reef
Into the Lost Islands

Hiding in the bushes was a watchful pair of eyes
And living in the valley were people lost in time
Ruled over by a tyrant whose face was in a mask
The children must defeat him so they can escape at last
From the lost islands
The lost islands

So Tony, Mark and David, Anna and Su Ying
Are left there on the island
Who knows what could begin ?
Adventure lies before them
Danger lies behind
And as they go on searching
What new troubles... will they find ?

Lost Islands (the) - Main title - Ile Perdue (l') - Générique

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Titre Original : Lost Islands (the) - Main title
Nombre d'épisodes : 26
Nombre de saisons : 1
Compositeur : Michael Caulfield
Interprète : Michael Caulfield
Acteurs : Chris Benaud, Robert Edgington, Tony Hughes, Amanda Ma, Jane Vallis
1ère diffusion française : 1978
1ère chaine de diffusion française : TF1

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