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Monk - Last end title (Monk - Dernier générique de fin)    twitter 

"When I'm Gone"

The time for us to say goodbye is near
The day I hoped would never come is here
Though many hearts are broken we must somehow carry on
Cause I think you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

I thought my life was over when we met
So little to remember, so much to forget
Though it was you who saw me through the darkness to the dawn
Still I think you're gonna miss me when I'm gone

I'm a modest man
And it hurts me to say these things to you
After all we've been through it's the least that I can do
So instead of just goodbye I'll say so long
And as for the light by which you see me leave it on
I'm a better man than I was before
Knowing you has made me strong
And I sure am going to miss you when I'm gone
Yes I sure am going to miss you when I'm gone

Monk - Last end title - Monk - Dernier générique de fin

TV Series - Infos
Original title : Monk - Last end title
Number of episodes : 125x40 min
Number of seasons : 8
Composer : Jeff Beal
Performer : Randy Newman
Actors : Jason Gray-Stanford, Traylor Howard, Ted Levine, Bitty Schram, Tony Shalhoub
1st french broadcasting : 22 mars 2003
1st french broadcasting channel : TF1

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