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Flipper - Main title season 2 (Flipper le dauphin - Générique saison 2)    twitter 

We call him Flipper, Flipper, you'll see him smilin'
Right from the start, he'll play it smart.
Beware of Flipper, Flipper, he's such a lover,
You will discover when he steals your heart !

Ce générique correspond aux cinq premiers épisodes de la saison 2.

Flipper - Main title season 2 - Flipper le dauphin - Générique saison 2

TV Series - Infos
Original title : Flipper - Main title season 2
Number of episodes : 88
Number of seasons : 3
Composer : Henry Vars
Performer : Frankie Randall
Actors : Andy Devine (64-65), Luke Halpin, Brian Kelly, Tommy Norden, Ulla Stromstedt (65-66)
1st french broadcasting : 1966
1st french broadcasting channel : ORTF 2ème chaîne

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