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Lucky Luke - End title (Lucky Luke - Générique de fin)    twitter 

"The lonesomest cowboy in the West" :

Of all the lonesome cowboys in the West,
I figure I've gotta be the lonesomest.
I wanna ride the range where there's lots of elbow room:
Feel the wind blow free and smell the sagebrush bloom.
Gotta be on my ownsome, singin' my lonesome cowboy blues.

Yes I'm the lonesomest cowboy that I know,
but when it comes to courtin' and such I move real slow.
Met a purdy gal itchin' to get hitched the other day:
my horse got so upset we rode the other way.
I gotta be on my ownsome, singin' my lonesome cowboy blues.

Some folks think it's heaven in a hotel
with their puffed up pillows and their quilts piled high.
Well I don't hanker for no hotel:
just wanna kick my boots off
by the campfire's glow
while the lonely coyotes cry.
Well my bed is my horse and saddle
and my blanket is the sky.

Of all the lonesome cowboys in the West,
As fir as I can see I'm still the lonesomest.
Beneath the prairie stars I'm gonna drift and dream tonight:
I never find what I'm looking for - but then I might.
So let me be on my ownsome, singin' my lonesome cowboy blues...

Just livin' the life I choose:
singin' my lonesome cowboy blues.


Thanks to Alyssa & Spelly for the lyrics

Lucky Luke - End title - Lucky Luke - Générique de fin

TV Series - Infos
Original title : Lucky Luke - End title
Number of episodes : 8
Number of seasons : 1
Composer : David Grover, Aaron Schröder
Performer : Arlo Guthrie
Actors : Dominic Barto, Ron Carey, Bo Greigh, Terence Hill, Nancy Morgan, Fritz Sperberg, Pablo Templeton
1st french broadcasting : 1991
1st french broadcasting channel : La Cinq

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