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Neon Genesis Evangelion - Thanatos - if I can't be yours    twitter 

Now its time, I fear to tell I've been holding it back so long But
something strange deep inside of me is happening I feel unlike
I've ever felt And its making me scared That I may not be what
I (think I am)

What of us, what do I say
Are we both from a different world
Cos every breath that I take, I breathe it for you I couldn't face
my life without you And I'm so afraid. There's nothing to
comfort us What am I, if I can't be yours

I don't sleep, don't feel a thing And my senses have all but gone
Can't even cry from the pain, can't shed a tear now I realise
We're not the same and it's making me sad Cos we can't fufill
our dreams (in the life)

So I must, let us break free I can never be what you need If
there was a way, through the hurt then I would fint it I'd take the
blows. Yes I would fight it But this is the one. Impossible dream
to love What am I, if I can't be yours.

Thanatos - if I can't be yours - Thanatos - if I can't be yours

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Original title : Thanatos - if I can't be yours
Anime : Neon Genesis Evangelion
OST : The End of Evangelion OST
Artist : Mash

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