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Time is a hypocritical construct
Righteously it wipes out all of us
But I keep rising back from the dust
Bu ting chan rao xiang lian
Again and again again and again

The shadows they whisper in your head
I let them linger and you will like it
You're tied to my strings like a puppet
Before you even notice
I made a deal with the demons
I crave the feel of true desire
There's nothing real
Zhong jiu zou xiang hei an
Yi qie shu xi de quan tan ta
Qi pan tu wei zhi de wen jia

Joining the game
Killing spree I'm enjoying the game
So get ready I'm here
Get ready for it for it hey
Again and again again and again

Take my hand let's set this world on fire
Light it up for the show
Pain will get to you when the night arrives
Like the hunter when a prey lies
It's just how the world's like
DaDaDa DaDaDa
Got nothing holding me back
DaDaDa DaDaDa
Mastermind stays in the dark
Let my flame be your redemption
If you ever get helpless
Just take it in and we'll have some fun


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Original title : MASTERMIND - Ending Ep 12
Anime : Link Click - Saison 2
Artist : Kat
Year of the OST : 2023

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