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Captain Herlock - Nameless Lonely Blues    twitter 

Have you heard 'bout the man?
A lonely wanderer
He left his home alone
Ran away from mother earth

People said he was a fool
Would never make it through
He headed to a new world
Believed in bright future

* It's the nameless lonely blues
And I am here to sing for him
It's the nameless lonely blues
He will survive in universe

So it's a story of man
A lonely wanderer
Nobody knows where he's now
Or where he's destined to go

I know that he will someday
Oh, someday make it through
There'll be a wonderful world
So strive strong and free

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'Cause it's a ruined planet
Love nobody don't miss anything
Where's your Arcadia?
There's nothing to lose
Don't look back just go your way

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Nameless Lonely Blues - Nameless Lonely Blues

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Original title : Nameless Lonely Blues
Anime : Captain Herlock
OST : Outside Legend
Artist : Tia

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