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Boku no Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia - Saison 5 - Merry-go-round    twitter 

WOWOW it's all right
Everything will be all right
WOWOW it's all right
Everybody now we're here

Oh hey brother, listen
Yeah fate can be hardhearted
Saigen mo nai yume wo mite
Dare yori mo kizutsuita

Kankei ga nai koto to itte
Nigedashi takami no kenbutsu
I couldn't be a shell
Sonna fuu ni wa dekinai

Holding my strength and weakness
Saa koko kara mata hajimeru
I'm standing by myself
Face the world to grieve no more

The carousel goes up and goes down
The carousel runs around so fast
Your existence sparking more than
No one, no one, no one else

Merry-Go-Round Revolving around
Zutto senaka wo mite
Itsudatte akogarete demo chikazukenai
Ushinatte aragatte
Itsu no hi ka anata no you ni waraitai
And now it's our round

Merry-go-round - opening 2 (Tv size) - Merry-go-round

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Original title : Merry-go-round - opening 2 (Tv size)
Anime : Boku no Hero Academia/ My Hero Academia - Saison 5
Year of the OST : 2021

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