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... And so, we met in the deep dark and shattered place
No one will come to us. They left us here with disgrace
We're alone

We all abanded sadness. We all abanded kindness
The world is full of hatred. There's no hope, then take this
Uso de tatta tou no shinsou de moeru honoo
Sousou ki wo tsukero haigo A matter of time

Be ready. Burn up ! Liars ! In this cold night
Tada de kiesaru tsumi nado nai
Oh baby, cry out louder to this bad luck
God, hear the scream, share us your light
Tonight, now stand up and head up cause we're falling up
Who is the bloody liar ? You all the bloody liar
Soushou uzuiteru naze itai kurai ah ima uzukidasu...

This is what's behind the truth. We know what we gotta do
This is what's behind the truth. We know what we gotta do

ANGER/ANGER - ending 1 (tvsize) - ANGER/ANGER

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Original title : ANGER/ANGER - ending 1 (tvsize)
Anime : Bubuki Buranki- BRB/BRNK
Artist : MYTH & ROID
Year of the OST : 2016

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