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Shimmering so bright.
Guiding light, divine.
Flow along the sea
of fading stardust.

Reminisce the touch,
of all the hands used to clutch.
We'll belong lost in the past
left to emancipate.

We play among the clouds,
in the pitch-blackness of night.
Our voices ascend to the stars.
There's will to overcome,
though we will stumble and fall.

In this serenity.

We ask the starry sky,
the reason to keep our cruise,
while we suffer and struggle til' the end.

Though darkness may prevail,
a lighted heart shall avail.

In this serenity.

In This Serenity - Ending theme - In This Serenity

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Original title : In This Serenity - Ending theme
Anime : Xenosaga the Animation
OST : Xenosaga THE ANIMATION Original Soundtrack
Artist : Mayumi Gojo
Year of the OST : 2005

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