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can you hear the calling of the raving wind and water?
we just keep dreaming of the land 'cross the river
we are always on the way to find the place we belong
wandering to no where, we're paddling
down the raging sea

who can cross over such raving wind and water?
on the rolling boat we sit, shivering with coldness
come by an island, come by a hillock,
it's just another place, we paddle on
down the raging sea

but in one morning we'll see the sun
bright shining morning dew singing
they who will search will find the land
of evergreen

can you hear the calling of the raving wind and water?
we just keep paddling down the sea, up the river
no destination, but we are together
in the silent sadness we're paddling
down the raging sea
down to no where

To Nowhere - To Nowhere

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Original title : To Nowhere
Anime : .hack//SIGN
OST : Original Sound Track 2

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