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Cartoons - Mary Poppins Returns (Retour de Mary Poppins (le) - A Conversation)    twitter 

"We haven't spoken in so long, dear"
This year has gone by in a blur
Today seems everything's gone wrong here
I'm looking for the ways things were
I know you'd laugh and call me tragic
For everything's in disarray
These rooms were always full of magic
That's vanished
Since you went away
This house is crowded now with questions
John's a walking questionnaire
And I could surely use a few suggestions
On how to brush our daughters hair
When Georgie needed explanations
You always knew just what to say
And I miss family conversations
It's silent
Since you went away
Winter has gone
But not from this room
Snow's left the lane
But the cherry trees forgot to bloom
I'll carry on the way you told me
I say that like I have a choice
And though you are not here to hold me
In the echoes I can hear your voice
Still one question fills my day, dear
The answer I most longed to know
Each moment since you went away, dear
My question, Kate, is
Where'd you go?

Mary Poppins Returns - Retour de Mary Poppins (le) - A Conversation

Cartoons - Infos
Original title : Mary Poppins Returns
Performer : Ben Whishaw
Music composer : Marc Shaiman
Cartoon Author : Disney

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