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Cartoons - Anne of Green Gables - Opening (Anne des pignons verts - Générique de début)    twitter 

D'après l'Œuvre de Lucy Maud Montgomery

Once upon an orphanage
My life was in near tragic state
I longed to find a brighter place
Somewhere full of love and grace

I dreamed of fields with a cool ocean breeze
A home for my own family
When I got my wish, I pinched myself
To make sure this home was real

They sent for a boy but then I was a girl
My dreaming had just let me down again
If I came as a queen with long ebony hair
Then maybe they'd feel I was worth it for them

I'm a good worker in spite of my talking
I've longed to belong here for all of my life
don't send me away without seeing what I see
Everything I touch is full of delight

I'll do my best, to not let you down
I can imagine a world full of joy
Just give me your hand and I'll teach you to hope
you'll find that I've something worth while

Just let me stay here and I'll love you forever
I promise a life full of smiles

Anne of Green Gables - Opening  - Anne des pignons verts - Générique de début

Cartoons - Infos
Origin : Canada
Original title : Anne of Green Gables - Opening
Number of episodes : 26
Music composer : Peter Breiner
1st French broadcasting : 5 avril 2003
1st French broadcasting channel : Télétoon
Cartoon Author : Lilliane Andre, Richard Allen
Production : Annemation Productions Inc

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