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"I've got a secret"

Do you know what's right or wrong?
Is there good and bad in everyone?
All we need is to survive
Let us keep the truth and pay the life

Whatever you'll be
(It's written by your fantasy)
Whatever you'll see
(Will catch you in reality)
The truth is the key
(It´s reaching out and set You free)

You've got a secret
-Like a mysterious Star
Just wanna keep it
-You're life is gettin bizarre
No chance in tell any lies
-The truth is up far
Cause we are totally spies!

Do you know what's fade What's real
We're sticking together we Can make the deal
Turn the dark into the light
And all the stars upon the Night

Totally Spies - German main title - Totally Spies - Générique allemand
*** Merci Tai Kushimura ***

Cartoons - Infos
Origin : Etats Unis
Original title : Totally Spies - German main title
Number of episodes : 130
1st French broadcasting : 2002
1st French broadcasting channel : TF1
Cartoon Author : Vincent Chalvon-Demersay, David Michel
Production : TF1, Fox Kids, Marathon Productions

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