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Where you going? It's hard to keep up
You're moving so fast, leaving me behind
Give me an hour, that's all I need
It's now or never, I'm running out of time
The seconds are relentless, I'm helpless as they keep flying by
Stuck here in the desert, I feel like I'm in an hourglass
Maybe I can stay and be comfortable living in the past
But I don't wanna be alone so can you take me to you now

Too fast, I try to follow but I'm losing hope
We used to walk together down this winding road
But you're so far ahead, it seems impossible to catch up

And now I'm walking on my way, all alone, I'm feeling so cold
Not getting anywhere, I feel like I'm in slow mode
Used to be a winner, everything was all black and white
Now I'm bottom of the pile, a dusty photo

I'm afraid I'm gonna be left stranded by myself
All the foolish dreams I had inside of me are broken
Everything I wanted in the distance out of reach
Am I the only one that's gon' stay here forgotten, ayy

SLUMP - ending 1 (Tv size - English version) - SLUMP

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Original title : SLUMP - ending 1 (Tv size - English version)
Anime : Tower of God
Artist : Stray Kids
Year of the OST : 2020

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