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Fire Force - Saison 1 - MAYDAY    twitter 

Take what you got and leave now
You're wearing out your welcome
No one here wants to see you, hear you
Think that you won from day one
But soon the devil will come
You know just why he wants you, don't you ?

You're crooked desire left us in disarray
Misguided, divided at the point of no return
You started a fire, you're gonna watch it burn
Try to save yourself like you always do

Every bridge we build
You think it's yours to burn it down just burn it down
When everything is gone
You'll wish you only heard us out, heard us out
Screaming MAYDAY

MAYDAY - 2nd Opening (TV Size) - MAYDAY

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Original title : MAYDAY - 2nd Opening (TV Size)
Anime : Fire Force - Saison 1
Artist : Coldrain, Kinoshita Ryo (Crytal Lake)
Year of the OST : 2019

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