All you need to know about the configuration of

This version of differs from the previous one by the play list new functionalities developed by Zaz. In this page, I'll try to explain you how it works.

Everything will take place in a new page of configuration.
By default, this page allows you to define the player's reading during the period of your Internet session.

- Define first the volume. By default it's at 75 %.
- Then, define what happens at the end of the reading of a title: stop, reading in loop of the title, loading of the following title in the rubric, loading of a random title in the rubric. By default, stop.
- In the end, define what happens at the end of the reading of a play list: Stop, restart of the play list in order, mixing of the play list then reading. By default, stop.

Concerning this last configuration, it is obvious that you need to have a play list...

To access the play list's functionalities, you need to be registered. As usual, it's free, it takes 2 minutes, etc… You know the story. Except: if you are already registered in the forum, then use the logins and passwords that you already created to connect to the new member area.

If you do not have any account yet, you then have the choice between using the form of the forum, or the one available behind the link "Register" in the member area.

You are registered. You need now to be identified. To do so, a link: "Sign in", in the member area, or "Configuration", from the player.

From this point, it's a party! The page updates. On the left, a link: Create a new PL (we will from now on use PL for play list).
On the right, a table with switches. We will return on this later.

You clicked – I knew it ;) Then this board appears:

But in the name and place of "My favourites" you have something like >PL followed by a number<. Right after that, rename your PL.
You can see that this very same PL xx also appears in the board on your right. You can select this text, and replace it with the title that you want to give to your PL.
Click on the switch of this board "Register this play list", and the small cartouche above updates.
Below this cartouche, 4 switches:
- The red X allows you to crush the play list – if you want to try, do it now ;)
- The second switch with the numbers in no particular order allows you to read your PL in the random order. In PL mode, the configuration "In normal reading" is not needed any more.
- The third switch with the lines in order and the green arrow launch the reading of your PL following the order in which it will appear in the board on your right.
- The fourth switch with the eye allows you to display a popup containing the title's list of your PL.

OK. It's pretty good, but don't you think we miss some titles to read?...

Let's go and make a tour in the cartoon rubric, for example. You arrive at the index of the rubric. You quickly notice that each title is preceded by a small switch. It's not so easy to see, but this is a little white sheet and a green arrow pointing out the sheet... As you understood: by clicking on it you get the possibility to add the so called title to your PL. Then a popup appears and asks you: "Add in the following PL: " and just below you find a link to your PL – How clever you are... The interesting point concerning this popup is that if you own several PL, you can choose the one in which you want to make the addition! Great, isn't it?

But let's imagine that you are not sure that this title is really the one that you want to add… Click on the title's link, as usual. You arrive on the reading page. In the heading of the table containing the reader, you find back the adding switch to the PL. It is discreet, but is really there.

One important thing to notice: you can add in the same PL several titles from any rubric you wish (cartoons, TV games and shows, TV series or OST).

A second important thing: In the OST rubric, you can find some other switches in the keypad "Info":
- At the end of the animation's title: a switch being a little green arrow permit to create a fictitious name PL with all the titles from this album (same function as for the link "Play list" from the menu or "Listen to the 30 last entries" From an index of a rubric. Just next to it, an adding switch to the PL that allows you in 1 click to add all the titles related to this animation.
- At the end of the album's title: same thing as for the animation: a PL is generated from the entire album's titles, and one switch to add all the album's titles to a PL.

Now I leave you the time to make a little selection of titles. As soon as you have about 10, please come back here.


Hey, you were quick!

You now have a play list containing several titles. Go back on the configuration page because we will go through the organisation of the titles inside a PL:

From the board on your right:

Identify the PL with the name you gave to it. And below, you find the title's list that you added, in the order of additions. Start by selecting the second title. On the right, four switches:
- The first one moves up the selected title to the top of the list. I guess you understand quite easily the role of the 3 other switches:
- The second one moves the selection to the upper row.
- The third one moves the selection to the lower row.
- The fourth one moves the selection down to the bottom of the list.
- If the box "Publish" is ticked off, it means that you agree to make your play list public. It will then appear in the index of the site made for this purpose.

I'm talking about selection, because it can involve several titles in the same time. To do so, you will use, as for a word-processing, the SHIFT and CTRL keys according to their usual functionalities. Click on the first title, leave the SHIFT key pressed down and then click on the third one, the 3 titles will be selected. Click on the first title, leave the CTRL key pressed down and then click on the third one, the 1rst and 3rd titles will be selected. Then you can move this selection in the list by using the right switches.

When you are satisfied with the order, do not forget to register your PL thanks to the switch made for this purpose. I don't explain how the switch "Delete the selection" works.

When you launch the reading of a PL, you can see the small board "Member area" updating:

You know which PL you are reading. You know exactly where you are in the reading thanks to the numbers, and you can find back the "see" switch, that can allow you to directly access to any title from your PL.

The reading page now appears with an additional little switch:

The red switch on the left of the title, stops the reading of the PL. The switch on the right allows you to add one more time this title in this very same PL, it's not forbidden, or you also can add it in another of your PL created beforehand. Important thing: you are not restricted with the number of your PL!!!

Here we are for the basic points.

A small and interesting functionality for the little community you will create: PL's exchange.

Make a right click on the reading switch or your PL (the third one below the cartouche of your PL in the configuration page... I notice that everyone follows…) and select "Copy the link's address". Send this link to a friend, and he will then have the possibility to read your PL, even if he is not himself registered in this web site! (it's also working fine with the random reading switch).

One important thing (by the way):

If you receive a PL from a friend using this process, read it. Then log in, if not already done, and go to the configuration page. You will notice that the "Register this play list" switch has been replaced by "Import this play list". If you click on it, you will get for yourself the PL created by your friend. Let's imagine that this PL is concerning Bernard Minet titles and that your friend forgot one, then you can add a title without modifying your friend's PL as you only have a copy of his original PL :D

Here we go. I think you have all the stuff. Anyway, you can find an open subject in the forum concerning the PL's functionalities. Don't hesitate to ask me any questions or send me the link of your favourite PL!!

One more time, a huge thank you to Zaz for this very complete development.


From 2007 septembre, blindtest mode is available on What is it ? The best function to use website for playing blindtest with friends. First, you have to create PL. Next, you choose information to be encrypted, and then you activate blindtest mode.
You run your PL. First song is loaded in blindtest mode. You just ear the song without other informations to find what it is. One big button allows you to have answer. The song is reloaded in normal mode. The team which lose can then sing the song... ;)
Click on "next" button of the player, and next song will be loaded in blindtest mode. It's to you to play !