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Bit by bit i'm falling under your spell,
your smile is all i need to see to know we'll,
leave this endless darkness say come along with me,
hold my hand

back when you first came into my life,
we recalled a place that i knew as a child,
a special place, one that i held close to my heart,

won't you leave me in a dance down this winding road,
where light and shadow entwine to take hold
of the thoughts so far, one left far behind

know that sometimes i want to turn around and see the things that i've passed on the journey,
we've know with love on the sight,
with courage and pride, i'll fight,
i will carry on.

Bit by bit i´m falling under your charm,
you'll keep me and all the world far from harm,
bring hope to everyone,
take in your hands eternety,
even when it seems that i don't need you,
just know that i am in love can't wait to,
leave this endless darkness,
won't you come along with me,
hold my hand.

** Thanks to as47a for lyrics and sound **

Dragon Ball GT - American main title 2 - Dragon Ball GT - Générique americain 2

Cartoons - Infos
Origin : Japon
Original title : Dragon Ball GT - American main title 2
Number of episodes : 65
1st French broadcasting : 1999
1st French broadcasting channel : Manga - Chaîne câblée
Production : Tôei

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